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Note: Spaces cannot be booked when the library is closed. Please see our library hours or our holiday closures dates.


These rules establish procedures and regulations for the use of the meeting, conference and study rooms at the St. Cloud Public Library. Certain policies apply only to the community rooms (Array, Bremer, and Mississippi), and are presented as such.


Three community meeting rooms (Array, Bremer and Mississippi and kitchenette) are located in the lobby of the first floor of St. Cloud Public Library. These rooms vary in size and can accommodate groups of up to 188 people. These rooms are provided as a community service for residents as a gathering space for the exchange of information and ideas.


St. Cloud Public Library Code of Conduct and St. Cloud Public Library Food and Drink Policy apply in these rooms.

  • Permission to use a meeting, conference or study room does not constitute library endorsement of the program or point of view expressed.
  • Some technology and equipment is provided in the community meeting rooms. No additional equipment is provided in other rooms.
  • If furniture is rearranged for meeting purposes it should be re-set in its original placement.
  • The rooms are not sound-proof; users should be considerate of others.
  • Rooms should be cleared by the end of the reservation time requested. If set-up is required, this should be included in the reservation time.
  • The contact person for the use of any room will be held financially accountable for any damage done to library property while the room is used by that person and his or her group.
  • Meetings and other room use may not interfere with normal library operations.
  • Each individual or group is responsible for reasonable care of the facilities. The contact person will be held financially accountable for any damages and/or cleaning costs that occur.
  • An individual must be at least 13 years old to reserve a room.
  • The contact person will be responsible for enforcing library regulations before, during, and after the event/meeting.

Public Access in Community Meeting Rooms

  • All events in the Array, Bremer and Mississippi rooms must be free and open to the public. No member of the public may be turned away from being in the room; however, room capacity must not exceed the number determined by fire safety guidelines. No fees may be charged, no donations can be accepted, and no merchandise may be sold. No solicitation for, nor promotion of, products or services is allowed. Authors may sell their own books only as part of a library-sponsored program.
  • Any material presented must be in compliance with public performance copyright laws.
  • The Mississippi and the Bremer Rooms are equipped with projection equipment and microphones. No additional equipment or support is provided. Those who choose to use the equipment should allow additional time in their reservation for set up and take down. Because of the vast array of computer models, the library's equipment may not be compatible with all devices.
  • Refreshments may be served. Use of the kitchenette, however, must be included in the information when the reservation is made. Groups should be aware that the kitchenette may be in use by others; consequently, it is advisable to label the group's items.
  • If the attendees are minors, a responsible adult must be present during the event/meeting.
  • Each group must check out of the room at the end of its event/meeting. A use report will be filled out by a staff member at that time. Comments regarding the facilities are encouraged.

Prohibited Uses

  • No gambling, games of chance, bingo, casinos, or wagering of any kind may be a part of an activity conducted in these rooms.
  • The rooms may not be used for purely social purposes such as parties.
  • Meeting, study, and conference rooms are not intended for commercial use. Commercial activities are prohibited. There will be no collection of admission fees or tuition, sales of products or services or other direct fund raising activities.

St. Cloud police will be called if a room is used for illegal purposes.